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Business Units Mecca and Taif Business Units


MCBU was established in 1432H (2011D) to provide water and wastewater services to the Holy city of Makkah as part of NWC Corporate mission to provide excellent services to ensure customer satisfaction and build a strong infrastructure for water and wastewater sector. To ensure the provision of a sophisticated services by MCBU, management contract of PPP were signed with SURE affiliation in order to improve business processes, enhance the operational efficiency of the water and wastewater sector, popularize  the delivery of services, improve water quality, the customer services, promote the revenues and reduce costs.

The SURE Group is a pioneer company working in the provision of water and wastewater services for the States. This company is a reference to other competing companies with regard to infrastructure of engineering and constructing water and wastewater sector as it manages around 5700 water contracts and serves approximately 5.5 million consumers.