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Jeddah City Business Unit (JCBU) was launched on Tuesday, 24-2-2009. It is motivated by the great desire of NWC to provide distinguished services that meet client's expectations and to maintain a strong infrastructure within the water and sanitation sector. To attain such goals, an organizational structure was formed consisting of 12 administrations and 1455 personnel all working hand in hand to serve clients. Furthermore, to provide garneted JCBU services, Jeddah operation contract was signed (as PPP) Suez Environment, France and Aquapower, Jeddah. This alliance works together as Jeddah Company for Water Services and significantly contributes in managing and operating the sector of water and sanitation in Jeddah, hand in hand with NWC. The 7-year-long contract emphasizes on improving work measurements, increasing operational efficiency, expanding services provided, enhancing water quality and customer services, in addition to improving financial performance, and minimizing coasts.
Suez Environment comes in the second place as largest international company in terms of global dominance in providing water and sanitation services. Annual revenues reach 12.4 billion Euros with 95.00 personnel across the world.