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Jeddah Business Unit Director’s Message

Director’s Message
JCBU Director, Mr. Abdullah Ali Assaf
Ever since the NWC has become in charge for JCBU, we had the infinitive of forming administrational and technical team that encompasses the elite of best local and international experts. We made great partnerships with foreign operators to achieve profound renovation in the structure and performance of this company, following a methodology of deep comprehension of goals and objective. We have been continuously moving the weal of change with solid and consistent success after paving the way to evolve this organization to line up with best companies worldwide. Our success lies behind the excellent performance in keeping distinguished and reliable services that meet our clients' expectation and a deep desire in improving our staff through intensive training programs, encouraging creativity, granting rewards and health insurance that includes their families to fulfill the aspiration of our staff and boost their productivity. It is very true that we seek and nationalize knowledge and international skills. We use modern techniques in facility operation, management and maintenance; including, (SKADA, geographical information system, COMPASS, EMTIYAZ, as well as leakage and cracks detective and repairing helium devices.)
In a response to the increasing demands on water and to keep up with population growth, water networks have been expanded to cover about 95% of urban range in the city as water is being pumps daily in about 60% of water networks in Jeddah. We are working on a fast track to spread out this approach across the city. In respect of sanitation services, projects are being accelerated as we hope for an integrated sanitation system in all provinces to go into action amid of 2014. Moreover, strategic plans have been set to improve the operations of water and sanitation and to supply all regions for the next 30 years. Our notable achievements have boosted the reputation of the company to reach such a high level of excellence, as it keeps grapping the attention of many local and international panels. They have also facilitated winning several awards worldwide. We deeply hope to keep our journey towards excellence and distinction. In this platform, I would like to thank his Excellency the Chairman of the National Water Company and the CEO for their great efforts and incessant support that stand behind all these tremendous achievements.