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Water Value Conservation Tips

Conservation Tips

There are several ways for water conservation, all begins with YOU.

In Schools 
  • Preserve water of drinking taps by placing containers under water coolers to use the wasted water for irrigating the garden.
  • Establish a club called "Water Preservation Club", members of which are controlling water leaks from taps, designs of signboards of ways of preserving water and telling friends about their achievements.
  • Teaching children how to close the water tap tightly after each use.
In The House 
  • Close water tap while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your face.
  • it is preferable to use a cup of water while brushing teeth instead of leaving the tap open.
  • If you shorten your showering time by minute or two, you will save up to 150 gallons per month.
  • Use the shower instead of filling showering basin but do not fill it entirely.
  • for ablution, use a bowl instead of the tap.
  • Always make sure that toilet handle is placed in right position, not upside  down, not to cause any leakage.
  • Always buy water preserving, 6-liter capacity or less, dual flush push, or strong push flush tanks as it significantly preserves more water ranging from 20 to 40%.
  • Put food dyes inside the flush tank. If colored water infiltrates at the bottom of the toilet without using the flush, this is an indication to the presence of leaks. By fixing these leaks, you would preserve up to 1000 gallons per month.
  • When using washing machine or dishwasher, make sure it is packed fully. It is preferable to use front-loading washing machines.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables in a pot filled with water instead of washing under running tap.
  • Instead of melting frozen foods through the running tap, just keep it into the refrigerator for both the safety of food as well as for preserving water.
  • Referee to you water bill and your water meter to monitor any unusual increases in water consumption, which contributes to detect any leaks.
  • After cleaning fish pools, reuse the same water (which are usually rich in nutrients) to irrigate domestic plants.
  • It is advisable to Irrigate your front/backyard or garden in the early morning or evening when temperatures are lower to minimize water evaporation.
  • Use irrigation pot or the drip-irrigation instead of for water hose.
  • Reuse water used for washing vegetables and fruits to irrigate domestic plants or gardens.
  • Irrigate plants and gardens only when needed, because most plants do not die of drought but of over- irrigation.
  • Check the swimming pool, taps, external connections, pipes and irrigation hoses periodically to detect any leaks.
  • If you detect any leakage from water tap, it is recommended to change it or obstruct it with a plastic tape rapidly to avoid any increases in water consumption.
  • Always wash your car using a bucket instead of a hose.
  • If you detect any water leak, broken pipe, or any incorrect use of water outside your house, please report it immediately to NWC by calling (8004411110).