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Awareness Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

 Stemming from our commitment toward our own community, The National Water Company has recently launched its Social Responsibility Program. While we plan a huge expansion in our CSR Initiatives, main focus will be placed on 2 pillars during the years 2010. Those are:


This pillar covers NWC will focus on achievements and objectives related to contributions for the community at large. Examples here include:

• Corporate sponsorships of various events and activities of general benefits such as conferences, seminars and public awareness campaigns
• Support of various natures such as funding educational programs, scholarships, donations, and disaster relief
• Community investment programs independently or in partnerships with key stakeholders for the promotion of certain development goals such as water conservation, delivery of water the poor, awareness among youth etc.
• Engaging the media or regulators in various aspects of improving the conditions for responsible business practice, or improving the conditions for sustainable development.


This pillar covers NWC commitments and achievements related to protecting the environment and the natural resource capital. Activates may include but not limited to:

• What the NWC is doing to ensure the highest environmental standards in all activities including project execution, delivery of services, etc.
• What the NWC is doing to address key environmental risks or impacts such as impacts from energy use, chemical use, waste water discharges, etc
• How the NWC is working with regulators, suppliers and contractors, operating partners to ensure compliance with the highest environmental standards
• How the NWC is taking a long term view in terms of ensuring the protection and enhancement of natural resource capital (in this case water resource base). This is mainly related to the long term view.
• How the NWC is working with customers and the community at large to promote environmental responsibility?

Future Expansions in activities will cover the 2 remaining pillars:

Workplace: This covers NWC achievements and activities related to all aspects of engagement with customers, suppliers and operating partners.

Marketplace: This covers NWC achievements and objectives related to improving the wellbeing of its employees and their families as well as health and safety conditions at workplace and in projects